4 Ways To Speed Up Your Website And Enhance User-Experience

Speeding up your website is not a simple task. There could be many problematic factors; hosting server, unoptimized image content, JavaScript issues, flash content, poor coding, ignoring cache, etc affect the site’s speed. It is important to test the website’s loading time through Google’s PageSpeed Insights in order to run your website at a good speed score. According to Google analytics, a good score is above 90.

Website traffic, ranking, and conversion rates depend upon the website’s performance. Website performance depends on speed optimization or page speed, which can enhance the user experience as well.

According to data, 47% of users expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or fewer. The site’s low speed can increase bounce rate and decrease conversion rate by 7% in 1 second. This 1-second cost 10% of revenue and 1% loss in sales for Amazon in 2009.

Recently Walmart played well with this strategy, increasing 2% conversion for every 1 second load time improvement which results in a 1% profit in revenue.

Improve Speed and user experience to get more conversions:

There are many ways to increase your website’s speed to improve the user experience that results in better conversion rates. Here you can find 4 major factors:

Optimize Images

Images are a key factor in your site’s speed. Large-size images can slow down the loading speed and lower the score. Hence, compressing the size of images is the best way of optimization. If you use WordPress, WP Smush Image Plugin is the best free tool out there.

However, in case you don’t use WordPress and don’t like plugins, you can have these free and fast tools online; Compress JPEG and Optimizilla.

Minimize HTTP requests.

It is a message sent by the client to the server to build communication between them.

According to Google, minimizing HTTP redirects from one link to another cuts out extra RTTs and loading for users.

Identify how many HTTP requests your site makes and reduce all the unnecessary requests. You can use many free tools, the main are; Google webmaster, XENU, and Screaming Frog.

Minify HTML files

If you want a perfect score from Google, you must pay attention to your HTML CSS, and Javascript files. These files determine your site’s appearance and add requests to your site. To reduce this minifying and combining your files would be the best solution. Minifying involves removing unnecessary data by fixing formatting, removing unused code, and white space. You can use plugins like WP Rocket for your WordPress site to minify and combine files.

Clear your browser cache

Every time a user visits your site, the browser’s cache increases the load on your website and decreases the speed. Here browser caching tools can help you out.

To enable browser caching, you can use the W3 Total Cache plugin for your website. This tool powers up your site’s performance up to 10X.

Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP implemented by Google to assist mobile pages loads faster. It makes an open-source format that removes unnecessary content from your site. This can speed up page loading and enhance the user experience on the mobile.

The Bottom Line

Technology has advanced to accommodate our need for mobility. This evolution also includes websites. Whatever type of device a user accesses your site via, it must be mobile-friendly and user-friendly.

This article provided suggestions for creating user-friendly websites without spending a fortune on a total overhaul. So what are you waiting for… just take action.




An intellectual SEO content writer gathers knowledge and creates informative and engaging content to reach the audience.

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Areeba Siddiqui

Areeba Siddiqui

An intellectual SEO content writer gathers knowledge and creates informative and engaging content to reach the audience.

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